France and Germany plan to enact a European Superstate abolishing the European Union and formally altering the current world order to establish a European Superstate that can challenge the United States’ dominance. In addition, the EU Chief has stated his desire to replace the United States on the World Stage.  According to signed documents by France and Germany, obtained by TVP; the superpowers of the world better get ready for another contender; the European Superstate. In the West it’s America, in the

East, it’s Russia and China, but now there is a plan to create a monstrous superstate and abolish the European Union.  The countries in the proposed superstate would not be allowed to have their own army or special services. The European Superstate would bring about a unified law and taxation system and abolish the member countries central bank and currency. They would then bring about their own visa administration and enact a common foreign policy with other organizations and counties. Finally, the member countries would have their role within NATO limited.  READ MORE


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