British holiday-makers are on standby to flee Cyprus amid fears of a possible Russian attack following this week’s Syria bombing by UK, US and French forces.  Syrian chemical weapons sites were bombed by Tornado jets that took flight from RAF Akrotiri turning the Mediterranean island and popular British retirement paradise into a war zone. The missile strike was ordered following the sick chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma by Bashar al-Assad’s forces. At least 25,000 Britons live in Cyprus with

thousands more swarming there every year to soak up the sunshine. But after the US, Britain and France joined forces and bombed Syria with a whopping 105 missiles in retribution of a horrific toxic gas attack in Ghouta that slaughtered 40, fears Akrotiri could face Russian retaliation tipped boiling point. Dad-of-two Scott Vaughan told the Sun he canceled his £1,300 45th birthday holiday there next weekend.  READ MORE