Scientists have been left baffled after 61 short-beaked dolphins were found washed ashore on a beach resort in Argentina.  The aquatic mammals were found stranded in Puerto Medryn, an Argentinian city in northern Patagonia.  According to local authorities, 49 died on the coast of the El Doradillo Protected Natural Area, while the remaining 12 were saved and returned to the sea alive.  They were discovered by a couple walking around the coastal area who noticed a higher than a normal number of


birds on the beach. When they realized they were pecking at scored of dolphins, they immediately alerted the coastal authorities.   The operation was led by Mariano Coscarella and Silvana Dans, two scientists from the Marine Mammal Laboratory for the Study of Marine Systems. Mr Coscarella said: “It is the first case of marine mammals being stranded in this region, therefore it is an unprecedented situation.”  READ MORE