The Satanic Temple of Arizona has filed a lawsuit against the City of Scottsdale for ultimately turning down its request to present an invocation at a city council meeting in 2016. The group, which is non-theistic and doesn’t actually believe in a literal Satan, but only views the fallen angel as a metaphor for rebellion, is claiming that it is the subject of religious discrimination. “Various faith groups from the state of Arizona can do an opening prayer or invocation before they get started with city council meetings.


We requested to do that, we were given a slot, and then afterward we were told that we weren’t allowed to speak. So this is clearly religious discrimination, and for that reason, we’re going to sue them,” attorney and co-founder Stu De Haan told Fox10 Phoenix. The group said that co-founder and leader Michelle Short was scheduled to present the invocation on July 6, 2016, but two months prior, the City sent Short an email advising that there had been a change and that the pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale would deliver the prayer instead.  READ MORE