A Canadian Christian street preacher and nondenominational ministry leader was reportedly arrested and detained for over 20 hours in the United Kingdom last week after he was accused of making homophobic comments.  Preacher David Lynn was released from the Fresh Wharf Custody Base in East London last Wednesday without charge after he was detained a day earlier because of accusations that he called a lesbian woman “perverse” and “sinful” while preaching at a train station in Barking.

Lynn, who pastors at a church in Toronto, Canada, and has preached in the streets for 22 years, leads an organization called Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries with churches in Canada, the United States and the U.K.  According to the Christian organization that provided the legal representation to Lynn, he began preaching at the Barking station around 3:30 p.m. last Tuesday, where he was joined by a group of supporters. READ MORE