(By Rabbi Eric Tokajer) One of the most beautiful features of the Bible is that within the text we find constant reminders of the amazing plan G-D established from the moment of creation. His plan is told to us over and over, as we read through the text, page by page. The more one reads the Scriptures, the more these drop-in prophecies are revealed, and the more our faith in G-D is established line upon line. Many of these prophetic clues were placed within some of the sections of Scripture that many of us skim through on our way to the more exciting portions.

It is also important to remember that the Bible was not meant to be read as if it were a linear timeline but as a cyclical experience. With this in mind, every page we turn connects with those pages that come after and with those that came before. I refer to these clues as drop-in prophecies. They seem to simply be a part of the text being spoken or written as we first read them, but when we add them to the fullness of the Scriptures, they become hints of promises and fulfillment of promises. One who was familiar with the Scriptures could see the connections as if they were breadcrumbs dropped for one to follow. READ MORE