(By David Hoffman) Our American culture is one of emulation. People emulate athletes, movie stars, celebrities and so on. Emulation is rampant in our culture. In fact, it is so rampant that for decades it has become pervasive within the American church. American Christians often emulate worship leaders, pastors, teachers, “Christian celebrities” and more. The problem is that God does not want us emulating people; He wants us emulating Him. Just as each person has unique DNA, so too does each person have a unique spiritual DNA.

God has created each person to have a unique spiritual expression which can only occur through them becoming who He created them to be. It doesn’t come through emulating who God created another person to be. This understanding is vital to the Christian life. No one can ever truly be comfortable or happy trying to be someone God did not create them to be One of the definitions of “emulate” is “to imitate.” When we imitate someone, we follow them or pattern ourselves after them. Essentially, emulation is an attempt to create ourselves as a copy of someone else. READ MORE