(By Rachael Sammons) According to Life magazine, Pentecostal/charismatic Christians outnumber Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans and Presbyterians combined. In Playing With Holy Fire (April 3, 2018), Michael L. Brown acknowledges how the wildfire spread of the Pentecostal/charismatic movement proves that the Holy Spirit is moving mightily among the people of God.  Christians are traveling across the globe to teach the gospel. People are devoting their lives to God. From the Holy Ghost gospel services in a “tumble-down shack” to the half-billion adherents in the global modern church,

Pentecostal/charismatic Christianity has grown to bring more people to God than any other movement in history. However, such rapid growth means many ill-prepared leaders. In Playing With Holy Fire, Brown writes on the moral scandals and doctrinal errors that have become characteristic of the Pentecostal/charismatic church. Addressing the most glaring problems, Brown sounds a wake-up call for Christians to clean house in order to fulfill God’s kingdom purposes. READ MORE