Abortion advocates estimate that more than 1,000 pregnant college students in California get an abortion every month. Still, they’re pushing for a new law to make having an abortion easier by requiring campus health centers to provide abortion pills. The state Senate has already approved the bill, known as SB320, and the Assembly is currently considering it. “I firmly believe that all students should be able to decide what to do with their own bodies and when to factor a family into their life,” said Sen. Connie Leyva, D-Chino, the bill’s author.

“After all, women do not lose the constitutional right to end a pregnancy simply because they are a college student.” If the bill passes, California will become the first state to require that its campus health centers offer abortion pills. Currently, very few campus health centers across the country provide the pill. A 2015 survey by the American College Health Association (ACHA) found just two campuses that said they offer it. READ MORE