(By Carol Mcleod) Only three verses in the entire New Testament are given to a prophetess named Anna; only three verses that hold a mere four sentences. And yet the Holy Spirit determined that her role in the post-Christmas story was a starring one and deserved to be told. Perhaps the Holy Spirit knew that you and I would not understand the entire miraculous meaning of the Christmas story without knowing that Anna was a part of God’s plan.

And there was Anna a prophetess, a daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was of a great age and had lived with her husband seven years from her virginity. And she was a widow of about eighty-four years of age who did not depart from the temple, but served God with fasting and prayer night and day. Coming at that moment she gave thanks to the Lord and spoke of Him to all those who looked for the redemption of Jerusalem (Luke 2:36-38).

Anna was a prophetess! She was a woman who listened for God’s voice and heard it often. Not only did she hear God’s voice, but she had given God her mouth to use at her moment in history. Anna heard things others did not hear and said things others were not called upon to speak. READ MORE