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A geomagnetic storm is expected to blast the Earth in three days time – a phenomenon that could bring entire globe to a standstill as banks, hospitals, and governments fail, it has been claimed.  The storm, due to hit on Friday, January 19, is caused by gaseous material flowing from a hole in the sun’s atmosphere – ejecting a stream of solar wind. The G1-class storm is the mildest on the NOAA space weather scale, however, could still cause

“weak power grid fluctuations”, “minor impact on satellite operations” and effects on migratory animals. Skywatchers meanwhile cold catch a glimpse of beautiful lights in the sky, with auroras potentially visible in the evening. Geomagnetic storms are feared for their ability to affect electrical power across the world, with a G-5 category storm capable of widespread voltage control problems, protective system problems, the complete collapse of grid systems and damage to electrical transformers. READ MORE