California has been rocked by an earthquake measure 5.8 magnitude, with a 5.0 shock following just minutes later in a day of seismic activity along the Ring of Fire which has put Californians on alert for the Big One.  The first shock measured 5.8 magnitude with a second 5.1 shock following shortly afterward. The most recent quake happened at 5.24pm GMT, or 9.24am local time, while the previous quake

happened just an hour previously, at 4.39pm (8.39am local time), with a higher magnitude of 5.8. The aftershock of the latter tremor was unintentionally posted as a separate earthquake on the US Geological Survey (USGS) website as separate 5.1 and 5.3 quakes, before being amended. The error was likely caused by another entity such as a tsunami warning agency recording the phenomenon, and a duplicate posting being made. The USGS told the LA Times it had received a few reports of the 4.39pm 5.8 quake being felt, but said it was unlikely to have affected many people because it occurred far off the coast. READ MORE