A group of people who were handing out food to the homeless community in the California town of El Cajon were arrested for their charitable actions. They were handing out food, clothes and toiletries on Sunday before police arrived and issued citations. The group was actively protesting against an emergency ordinance in the city of El Cajon which was introduced in response to California’s hepatitis A outbreak. Some of those in attendance were holding signs that read,

“feeding the hungry is not a crime” and “compassion not starvation.” Hepatitis A can be spread through the touching of contaminated foods or objects. California’s homeless community has been identified as the most susceptible to contracting the illness due to their lack of access to basic hygiene and sanitation facilities. The ordinance was passed in October last year, and authorities claim it is an essential element in battling the disease. But opponents disagree, arguing that it unfairly penalizes the city’s homeless people. READ MORE