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Time did not exist, according to one strange account from a person who was declared dead and brought back from the brink.  People have been taking to the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) to share their experiences of what life is like after death and the results are astonishing. One person, who goes by the name of Fawn R, writes on the website that she died from an alcohol overdose.

In her experience, “sound and time did not exist” and had flashbacks of all her life in a period which seemed to go on forever but only lasted three minutes. She wrote: “I became my thoughts and memories floating in a black void. I had no body. I could think and had memories of my life.  “I was completely and frighteningly alone. There was no sound and time did not exist. Snapshots of my life floated by but they had lost all their meaning to me. “I had to let all emotional attachment go from the individual people and memories, but I had a general feeling of being incredibly sad and very much alone. READ MORE