Humans and robots can make babies together using genetic engineering to create a new hybrid species from skin cells, a leading AI expert will announce in a groundbreaking speech.  Dr David Levy, a world-leading artificial intelligence researcher, will explain how the genetic information of cells can be manipulated to create a baby with human and robot DNA in his keynote speech at the Third International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots.

Speaking at the conference in London on Wednesday, December 20, Dr. Levy will explain how advancements in cell biology and bio-robotics have led to his extraordinary conclusion. Ahead of his speech, Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal extracts of his radical research paper, titled “Can Robots and Babies Make Humans Together?” In his conclusions, Dr. Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, will argue that “it is possible” for humans and robots to make babies given “recent progress in stem cell research and artificial chromosomes”. READ MORE