A Teenager who was clinically dead for 20 minutes believes he saw Jesus Christ before coming back to life.  Zack Clements, from Brownwood, Texas, collapsed in gym class while he was running and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Doctors worked to revive him from his cardiac arrest, which lasted for an astonishing 20 minutes, and just as they were about to give up and pronounce him dead, Mr

Clements’ pulse suddenly returned. The then 17-year old woke up in intensive care days later, and told his story of how he apparently met Jesus on the other side. Mr Clements told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth: “When I was out those 20 minutes, I saw a man who had long ruffled hair and kind of a thick beard, and it didn’t take me long to realize that was Jesus. “I went up to him and he put his hand on my shoulder and he told me everything would be alright and not to worry.” READ MORE