While global wine production has fallen to historic lows, barrels in Israel’s wineries are overflowing with a blessed harvest that fulfills prophecy in the most undeniable way. Zachary Waller, Executive Director of HaYovel, first noticed this blessing of bounty when his organization brought Christian volunteers this summer to help with the grape harvest in Har Bracha, as it has done every season for the last twelve years.

It was time to harvest but the grapes weren’t yet ripe. Waller was concerned there wouldn’t be enough work for his 200 eager volunteers. “Before the harvest, it’s difficult to tell how many grapes there are and what condition they are in until you are actually out in the vineyards and have your hands on the vines,” Waller told Breaking Israel News. “It seemed like one week later, all the grapes ripened at once, and once we started picking, it quickly became clear there were a lot.”  READ MORE