North Korea is widely known as the most oppressive place on earth for Christians. It’s a place where believers practice their faith in secret. North Koreans cannot even own a Bible or speak the name of Jesus in public. Possessing a Bible could get you 15 years of hard labor in a prison camp, or worse. Vernon Brewer, President of World Help, knows that well. He spends his days smuggling Bibles into the hermit kingdom.

“If they get caught with a Bible, it’s a death sentence. Yet they are willing to risk their lives every day to get God’s word into the hands of a North Korea Christian, that has never even held a Bible. Let alone owned one. That’s how precious it is to them. It is really good news,” Brewer said.  Brewer believes of the some 300,000 Christians there, about 70,000 wither away in brutal prison camps because they were caught practicing their faith. READ MORE