Recently a viewer reached out to a local news station and inquired about a viral video she’s seen on the internet. You too have likely seen it too. It claims in just a few days, the entire country will go dark because of a Department of Defense training exercise. It’s causing a lot of panic, but is it News or Noise? In the video, the user claims, “November 4th through the 6th there will be an electronic magnetic pulse going through the entire continent of North America. Like Geo Storm. Like the movie Geo Storm.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: I recently had to clear up this confusion myself regarding this upcoming drill on our recent “Viewpoint Segment” which can be viewed HERE

The woman claims this Saturday there will be a massive blackout, but she doesn’t stop there. “It’s worse than a blackout, ok your car isn’t going to work, your phones aren’t going to work, nothing that got electricity going through it is going to work. A lot of people are going to die in America because generators aren’t going to work.” Her nearly eight-minute rant continues to trash the government agency that protects all Americans. “Go to the Department of Defense’s website, this is how much they really care about Americans. They aren’t even letting us know it’s going to happen, they’re saying it’s a drill.”  READ MORE