A majority of U.S. adults and almost a third of evangelicals now say they believe that faith in God is not needed to be a moral person, a survey has revealed. The Pew Research Center reported on Monday that 56 percent of all American adults surveyed say they don’t think that being a believer is a requirement for someone to be moral and to have good values, which is up from the 49 percent who said the same back in 2011.

The results, based on a survey conducted June 8–18 and June 27–July 9, also found that 32 percent of white evangelical respondents agreed that belief in God is not necessary to be moral, along with 63 percent of white mainline believers who said the same. Black Protestants were the most likely to disagree with such a view, with only 26 percent saying faith in God is not needed, while as many as 85 percent of the religiously unaffiliated rejected that faith in God is necessary. READ MORE