(By Greg Laurie) Years ago my son Jonathan, who was 3 or 4 at the time, got lost in a hotel. He loved to push the button for the elevator, and on this particular day, he ran ahead of me down the hall. I called after him, “Now Jonathan, wait for Dad! I’m almost there.” Just as I turned the corner, I saw the doors of the elevator close with Jonathan inside, alone. I panicked and pushed every button until finally, the elevator doors opened again. But by then, there was no Jonathan. I raced down to the lobby, where the desk clerk was on the phone.

“Ma’am, my son is lost somewhere in this hotel,” I said to her. “Please call security! Call SWAT! Call the Green Berets! Call the Navy SEALs! You have got to help me find my son!” She was still on the phone. “I’m sorry, sir,” she whispered. “Just hold on.” But I couldn’t hold on. I was in pursuit of my son, and failure wasn’t an option. I ran back to the elevator and pushed every button. On every floor, I called out Jonathan’s name. Finally, I found him, five floors up. He was just standing there in the hall. MORE