After a few days of inactivity, the anomalous seismic series recorded on the island of La Palma since October 7th restarted at 14.34 UTC on October 13, 2017 in Fuencaliente. So far, the new series counts 44 events, the largest being of M2.1 and hitting the same zone as the previous swarm but at slightly lower depths (15-22 km). The total number of events recorded since Oct. 7th is 352 earthquakes, most of them so small that they can not be located. The next map shows the activity and the new swarming episode in

La Palma in the last 24 hours. At least 37 earthquakes have been measured and many more were too small to be accurately located: The NEW seismic activity recorded in the last few hours around Fuencaliente is lower than the activity recorded on October 9th. Since the beginning of the swarm, more than 350 earthquakes hit the Island of La Palma, with people starting to fear about an imminent Cumbre Vieja eruption: READ MORE