The Bible says Satan the devil, the former angel stationed at God’s heavenly throne who has been the enemy of the Creator and mankind for centuries, will become a physical man in his final moments, according to a brand-new book by a best-selling Christian author. The stunning revelation is made in “Shocked by the Bible 2” by author Joe Kovacs, a Bible-believing Christian noted for revealing astonishing facts in Scripture. “The Bible is completely true,” says Kovacs, “and it clearly demonstrates

the final destiny for the wicked, and that includes the most wicked one, Satan the devil.” “Millions of Christians already know the Bible says that the fallen angel also known as Satan or Lucifer will be tossed into the lake of fire. But what they don’t realize is that at some point before that moment, the Bible also indicates Satan will be transformed by God from his status as a spirit being into a physical human being, a typical man to suffer the fate of the wicked.” READ MORE