(By Kelly Mcdonald Jr) The Feast of Trumpets began this Wednesday at sunset. It goes by various names in Hebrew: Yom Teruah (day of the trumpet blast), Zikron Teruah (a memorial for blowing the trumpets) and Rosh Hoshannah (Head of the Year). It is celebrated on the first day of the Hebrew month called Tishri. It is considered the beginning of the civil year and begins the Ten Days of Awe. On the Feast of Trumpets, the Jewish people believe that God will write your name in one of three books: the book of life, the book of the wicked, or the book of the intermediate. This is why there is such a heavy emphasis on

repentance during the season of Teshuvah. This day also has tremendous prophetic implications. In the future, a seven-year period called the 70th week of Daniel will take place. It will commence the most chaotic time ever known on planet Earth. There will be wars between many nations, famine will be rife, pestilence will spread like never before and humanity will be in total desperation. God’s wrath will be poured out. Billions of people will perish in the process. As we approach the end of this seven-year period, the remnants of the nations will march on Jerusalem to destroy God’s people. READ MORE