Thousands of U.S. government workers from FEMA, Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection are working in Puerto Rico, trying to help with recovery from Hurricane Maria, but so far the aid only appears to be trickling in and many islanders are desperate for food, water and electricity. The Department of Defense says 44 percent of the population is still without drinking water, 95 percent of

the island is without electricity, and 58 of Puerto Rico’s 69 hospitals have no fuel or power. At the San Juan airport, desperate Puerto Ricans and tourists are languishing, hoping to get a flight out. Brandy Robinson describes the situation as “survival mode” as she waits for a flight. “People are running out of food. They’re fighting. I just went to the bathroom and the bathroom they have water all over the floor because people are trying to take baths here,” she said. Those who do get out worry about their loved ones left behind. READ MORE