Evangelist Daniel Kolenda has traveled the globe preaching the gospel and praying for the sick. He has seen God work many miracles first-hand, but this week he shared one of the most memorable healings he’s ever witnessed. “In 2010 we were in the city of Karu in Nigeria,” he explains in a video on his Facebook page. “I remember it was one of those nights where the miracles were just popping up like

popcorn all over the field after I prayed for the sick.” Kolenda knew God was up to something big and would show his miracle-working power. “I remember seeing from my right-hand side this woman running up to me with her sister and crutches in the air,” he says.The woman comes walking across the stage with her hands in the air and tears in her eyes. Kolenda gives her the microphone and she tells a testimony that captures the attention of everyone in the audience. READ MORE