(By Michael Snyder) It looks like Hurricane Irma is going to make landfall in south Florida on Sunday morning.  Of course, that could still change, but this is what the meteorologists are telling us at this point.  But of course, the exact spot where Irma makes landfall is not so important because of the absolutely immense size of this storm.  Irma is going to cause chaos and devastation over a very large area, and just like Hurricane

Harvey the recovery from this storm is literally going to be measured in years. Down in the Caribbean, the destruction that Irma has caused has been absolutely unprecedented.  The president of the island of Saint Martin “estimated that 95 percent of his country had been obliterated”, and one resident of the island described the storm as “a lawnmower from the sky”… Witnesses described similar scenes on the island’s Dutch half. “It’s like someone with a lawnmower from the sky has gone over the island,” said Mairlou Rohan, a European tourist visiting Sint Maarten, part of the Netherlands. READ MORE