When a woman spotted a little boy in a burning pickup truck at Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, she acted quickly to help save him from flames shooting out of the vehicle. Her actions ultimately helped save the boy’s life on Sunday, but Good Samaritan Tequila Isaacson may now face burglary charges for shattering a store window to access a fire extinguisher in the desperate frenzy to save the child. “I’m in absolute shock,” Isaacson, 34, told KOMO News. The blazing truck was parked near a Washington State

Department of Transportation restroom. Next door, Isaacson spotted a Red Mountain Coffee shop, which had a fire extinguisher inside.“We turned around and the whole vehicle was on fire, ” she told the news station. “There were flames shooting between the cab and the bed of the truck – taller than the  truck.” The boy’s parents tried desperately to get the child out of the vehicle while another man called 9-1-1.  READ MORE