(By J. Lee Grady) We are drowning in the bad news these days. We’ve experienced a divisive presidential election, a wave of racial violence, a solar eclipse, and two devastating hurricanes. If that’s not bad enough, North Korea’s dictator is threatening to fry the United States with his nuclear missiles. So I’m not surprised that another doomsday prophet has predicted the end of the world. This time it’s a “researcher” named David

Meade, author of a book called Planet X—The 2017 Arrival. He has marked his calendar for Sept. 23, and he says that’s the day the world will end. Meade says a hidden planet called Nibiru will crash into Earth that day. (Never mind that Nibiru hasn’t been detected on any telescopes.) Meade also claims he has Bible passages to back up his outrageous theory. So because he can “prove” his prediction from Scripture, many Christians are spreading his loopy ideas. READ MORE