A Siberian doctor has implanted six microchips under his skin to turn his body into a no-nonsense multi-functional gadget. This has opened quite a few doors for Aleksandr Volchek – including literally. Some of the chips function as swipe cards, letting him into his home and office. Volchek, a Novosibirsk-based obstetrician-gynecologist, calls himself a crypto-anarchist. He opens doors and pays bills with a wave of his hand, and it works like magic. This is a time-saving

convenience, the tech-savvy physician says. A syringe with a thick needle is needed to inject a microchip. The size of a standard chip is 2 × 12mm, and the smallest one is no more than 1.5 × 8mm, the doc says. The chip is not permanently implanted and can be easily extracted from the body the minute you want to get rid of it. Volchek was first microchipped in 2014, with a control card for a Siberian ski resort. READ MORE