Hurricane Harvey, described as the “worst disaster” in Texan history, fits into a troubling pattern of natural disasters striking America at times when the country’s leadership is attempting to push Israel into negotiating with its Palestinian neighbors for a peaceful two-state solution involving Israeli concessions. The category four hurricane, called “unprecedented and “beyond anything experienced” by the US National Weather Service, made landfall Friday night,

slamming the Corpus Christi region of Texas with 130 MPH winds and 13-foot storm surges. As of Sunday, at least 50 counties had been declared state disaster areas as a result of what FEMA labeled “the worst disaster” in Texan history. At least eight people were reported as having died as a result of the storm, dozens more were injured, and that number is expected to rise. While “it is forbidden to attribute divine motivations to such disasters”, Rabbi Yosef Dayan, a former member of the nascent Sanhedrin, told Breaking Israel News, “an introspective process is clearly necessary.” READ MORE