Don’t call Denver Snuffer Jr. a prophet, and don’t view his Remnant movement as a church. Of course, it was his account about a face-to-face meeting with Jesus that branded him a prophetic figure in the first place. And his 2013 excommunication from the LDS Church for “apostasy” — arguing that after the death of Joseph Smith in 1844, the faith he founded no longer had the exclusive truth or divine authority — seems to have made Snuffer more popular with segments

of dissatisfied Mormons. Before long, hundreds of like-minded seekers traveled to hear Snuffer speak —in St. George, Phoenix and Boise—and poured out of their respective LDS pews to form “fellowships,” or small groups, usually gathering in houses and yearning for, well, something more. They were mostly super-Mormons, zealots who gave their all to the faith. READ MORE