The group Black Lives Matter is calling for a ban on Confederate flags and groups in the U.S. following the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. According to tweets shared initially by the group’s Chicago chapter and then by the group’s main account, Black Lives Matter wants to see the U.S. adopt a policy toward Confederate flags similar to Germany’s ban on Nazi symbols. “The fact that the Confederate flag & statues permeate the south is evidence that white

supremacy was never overthrown in the United States,” the group said in a series of tweets. “After WWII, Germany outlawed the Nazis, their symbols, salutes & their flags. All confederate flags & statue, & groups should be illegal,” Black Lives Matter said. “The KKK & all other white supremacist groups should be illegal for the same reason Germany made them illegal—for crimes against humanity. The murder of Heather Heyer reveals white supremacists value no life, even white life. We must end white supremacy in the United States,” it added. READ MORE