The Walmart shoppers were growing impatient. It was late on a Friday night in Newcastle, Oklahoma, and many of the customers were grumbling and complaining about the lady at the front of the line. The lady was a bit frazzled, juggling three hyperactive kids while trying to unload groceries on the conveyor belt. “I asked her if it had been one of those days,” cashier Nicholas Tate said. “She said it had been.” The woman explained that she was a foster parent, and she had just

signed up for a federal program that helps low-income families: WIC. “She apologized beforehand because she was using WIC and had never used it before,” the Austin Bible Institute student said. The 20-year-old cashier smiled and reassured the foster mom that it would not be a problem. Unfortunately, there was a problem. Several of the transactions did not process—including the one of the most important items —baby formula. He swiped the card again, but it still did not work. CONTINUE


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