A New Jersey pastor and his wife who allowed their now 10-year-old son to start identifying as a girl at age 2, say they made the decision to let him live as he liked because he gravitated to “all things girly” as a child and was so unhappy with his life as a boy he tried to kill himself. With his son Ben, now living as a girl named Rebekah, Pastor Christopher Bruesehoff of Holy Counselor Lutheran Church in Vernon, New Jersey, told Barcroft TV that he is worried about his

transgender child’s life as Rebekah gets older in the world. “I’ve always worried about the reaction with Rebekah, both in the community and the church and the world. I’m very worried about how the world is going to treat her, because I see a lot of ugliness in the world on a regular basis,” he said.Rebekah’s mother, Jamie, who struggles with depression and anxiety, has been writing about her journey on her blog, I Am Totally *That* Mom.  READ MORE