A Citizens Police Review Board has decided that a Florida police officer should receive a letter of reprimand for marking “male” on a traffic ticket when the driver identified as a woman. The board also recommended that the entire police department receives transgender sensitivity training. According to reports, in January, Officer James Brinton pulled over a man who goes by the name Shelby Kendall (pictured) for reckless driving. Kendall had been racing his Camaro against a

Mustang on a four-lane when spotted by police. When Brinton began completing the citation with the aid of his computer, which scanned Kendall’s driver’s license and automatically filled in the identifying information, Brinton noted that the computer had marked the sex as “female.” Thinking it was a mistake, Brinton then asked Kendall why his license was marked in such a way, and he replied that it is because he identifies as female. READ MORE