Back in 1988, Rod Stewart belted it out at the top of his lungs: “Forever young, forever young!” So did the lesser known German synth-pop band Alphaville, singing: “Forever young, I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever? Forever, and ever.” Here’s the music video, but don’t watch too much of it or your mind will start to age dramatically: Those songs aren’t just a throwback to the awesome 80’s. “Forever Young” appears to have become the

a personal quest for a number of Silicon Valley billionaires and other elites who are pumping big bucks into efforts to live forever. Their collective dream is a powerful reminder of the deep ache for eternity that resides in the heart of every person. I would argue that ache is actual proof of an afterlife, that every human spirit innately knows there should be something more. READ MORE