Whether the #MagicalResistance or The Handmaid’s Tale, the age of the witch is upon us, top fashion magazine Vogue proclaims.  “Women across the globe are actively using the word ‘witch’ as a way to describe themselves because the witch is waking,” third-generation hereditary witch Lisa Lister says. “The part of us that’s been anesthetized, domesticated,

tamed and kept numb by food, shopping, alcohol, and drugs is now awakening within us. We are remembering the dismembered parts of being a woman—who we all were before patriarchy put all our fierce and feminine powers into the darkness, called them taboo and then taught us all to be afraid of the dark.” Lister points to the poignant popularity of Hulu’s televised representation of The Handmaid’s Tale, based on the book by Margaret Atwood. Fans continually praise the show for its relevance, and Lister sees the parallels. READ MORE