(By Jenna Shackleford) Katy Perry’s intimate conversation about her religious upbringing shows the desperate need for apologetics in the church. Perry, while promoting her newest album, “Witness” — as well as her tour — decided to stage a therapy session and air it on Viceland and Youtube. In the session, she pushed aside “Katy Perry,” which she called a facade, went by the name

“Katheryn Hudson,” which she was born with, and addressed several unresolved issues from her past, including her religious upbringing in a Christian household.  “I grew up with a lot of born-again Christian beliefs around me, and so I had people around me — like-minded people — and I would say it was a bit of a bubble,” Hudson explained. “I was a very curious person, and the curiosity — sometimes it wasn’t allowed because you had to have faith.” READ MORE