(By Dr. Jack Nelson) This first-ever end-times seminary degree program by Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary, has started a wildfire of interest around the globe. In a category of theology that has been the church’s most popular hot potato of debate and intrigue since the 1970s, the new eschatology degree has opened the door for thousands of avid prophecy students to channel their interest into a viable degree program never before seen until now. Luder Wycliffe Seminary is currently the

only seminary in the world to offer a degree program in the field of biblical end-time prophecy (eschatology). This course work is offered at both the master (master of eschatology) and doctoral (doctor of eschatology) levels. Since the Christian church shares several different views concerning the final events surrounding end time prophecy, students that enroll at LWTS for the eschatology degree program will learn every angle of each position and thereby receive a well-balanced and overall picture of eschatological teaching, regardless of their personal view. READ MORE