An ancient tablet provides the first ever image of the tower of Babel and offers a “very strong piece of evidence” that it was a real building. That’s according to Dr. Andrew George, professor of Babylonian at SOAS University of London. His work is featured in a new episode of “Secrets” on the Smithsonian Channel.  The 6th century B.C. tablet was discovered in Babylon more than 100 years ago. Because it was privately owned, linguists have not been able to study it until now

George was able to interpret the text and found that its account of the tower’s construction is identical to the biblical story.  But George also believes that the text shows that the Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar II built the tower and that’s where scholars disagree. Bodie Hodge, a researcher with Answers in Genesis, told Christian News Network that he agrees that the tablet confirms the biblical tower and agrees that it dates back to 600 B.C. READ MORE