Pilgrims in Venezuela were shocked when they spotted a rare cloud in the sky they say looked like the Virgin Mary. The cloud phenomenon was seen by people participating in the traditional pilgrimage of Divina Misericordia (Divine Mercy) that was held on Sunday in the city of Maracaibo, in the north-western Venezuelan state of Zulia. Several people took photos posted them online saying the cloud clearly resembled the Virgin Mary, although other people believed looked like was God or Jesus Christ.

In one video clip, it appears as though a ‘hand’ reaches out from the cloud, making the vapour mass look even more human-like. Video of the moment when pilgrims spotted the cloud shows several people, mostly wearing white T-shirts, looking at the sky.   The person recording the scene can be heard in the background saying: ‘Look at this miracle, the Virgin is here, pray for the Virgin, the Virgin protects Venezuela.’ People took to social media to discuss the video, with some agreeing that it looked like the Virgin Mary, while others said it was simply a cloud. READ MORE