(By Shane Idleman) Many today argue that we can’t preach with authority because we need to have a flexible approach to all aspects of theology. By “flexible” they mean accommodating all beliefs, but truth is not “flexible” when it comes to absolutes; it’s solid and unyielding—an anchor. Truth liberates. Truth rebuilds. Truth restores. Truth heals. Truth transforms. Truth prevails. You don’t change truth; truth changes you! During The Yale Lectures on Preaching (1891) by James Stalker,

Stalker rightly noted Martin Luther’s list of qualifications for being a minister. Two of the top ten were: 1) “He should be sure of what he means to say.” 2) “And be ready to stake body and soul, goods and reputation, on its truth.” Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Knox and many more, flamed the fires of reformation with the truth. God has clearly called preachers to preach. “Preaching is never something that a man decides to do. What happens rather is that he becomes conscious of a call” (D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones). When God calls a person, He gives them authority and power to proclaim His truth—”the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.”  READ MORE