Some big players in the faith-based film industry want to get rid of that exact term: “faith-based film.” Producer Mark Joseph, whose credits include “The Vessel,” “I am David” and “Ray,” told Fox News the term is unnecessary. “The term faith-based is an odd term to describe movies-or anything else,” he said. “For most Americans faith is a normal part of our lives so it’s only normal that faith is weaved into movies as it’s weaved into most of our lives.”

Joseph said the term faith-based can turn off some movie goers.  “The term scares away both the marginally religious and the irreligious, and it’s a signal to them that the story is going to be preachy and overbearing.” Filmmaker Howie Klausner agreed the term needs to disappear. “… [We] know that for years, ‘faith’ people cheered on any movie with that element — often when they were awful, just because ‘We need more faith films,’” said Klausner, who worked on “Space Cowboys.” “As a result, we’re not taken very seriously in the world of real movies.” READ MORE