A Hillsong Church security guard is in stable condition after being knocked out while trying to prevent churchgoers from being attacked after a service in Sydney. A church spokesperson says a group of teens was leaving the church when one of them was struck in the face by another group of teens. That’s when the 33-year-old guard intervened. He was badly injured in the melee and was reportedly taken to the hospital with a brain bleed and fractured cheekbone.

Police say a 21-year-old Hillsong member was then attacked by the instigators before they fled the scene. The pastor of that local Hillsong branch in Waterloo doesn’t believe the churchgoers were attacked for their faith. Australian media 9News reports two suspects have been arrested. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims who are now recovering, and we are supporting them and their families,” Hillsong Church said in a statement. READ MORE