Ahead of discussions with President Donald Trump, Former FBI Director James Comey prepped with his team on ways to respond to anticipated questions so that he would not come across as confrontational during the ongoing Russia probe, according to an official close to Comey. “He wanted to make sure he could maintain independence and maintain ethical boundaries,” the official said. Comey also kept memos from his phone conversations with Trump on at least two separate

occasions, according to a source. The source says Comey wanted to keep the memos in a safe place in case they came in handy down the road: “They’re preserved because he presumes someone will want to see them.” It is not typical for FBI directors to meet alone with the President. Justice leadership takes the lead generally on talking to administrations. When President Barack Obama met with Comey to discuss appointing him as FBI Director, the President made clear the two would not meet one-on-one after that, according to a separate person with knowledge of the matter. “This was (Obama’s) policy with the FBI director and with judicial appointees. READ MORE