Ohio police are crediting a five-year-old boy with saving his parent’s lives after they overdosed on heroin. On Thursday, the brave child walked about two blocks in the dark to a relative’s house, after finding his parents unresponsive and fearing them dead.  The Associated Press reports that first responders were able to use a drug-overdose antidote to revive

the unresponsive pair, who were passed out on the floor of their Middletown home, about 25 miles north of Cincinnati. A three-month-old infant was also found unharmed in the house, and the parents are now facing child-endangerment charges.  This latest incident comes in the midst of a devastating heroin and opioid epidemic in the Buckeye State. In March, the Washington Post reported the surge in drug-related deaths was forcing local police stations to request cold-storage trailers from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency to act as overflow morgues. READ MORE