(By Kevin Senapatiratne) Most pastors tell me the most important meeting of the church is the prayer meeting. They also tell me it is the least-attended meeting in their church. I am told that people will come easy to a potluck but not to a prayer meeting. But the power of a well-attended prayer meeting is vital to a church. I have been amazed at the connection between the size of the Sunday morning service and the size of the prayer meeting. It is consistently 10 percent of the Sunday morning attendance that attends the prayer meeting.

An increase in attendance at the prayer meeting seems to increase attend on Sunday morning to get it back to that 10 percent. But people don’t seem to like to come to prayer meetings. Now, I understand that part of that has to do with spiritual warfare. The enemy would love nothing better than to have people not come to the prayer meeting. That, however, is only part of the story. There are things as leaders that you can do to help the meeting be better attended. Here are 10 ideas why people don’t come to get you started. READ MORE