The Ring of Fire is heating up with 37 volcanoes are currently being reported erupting and others showing signs of increased seismic unrest as well. Located on the Japanese Island of Kyushu, the Sakurajima volcano suddenly threw ash in the sky with a height of more than three kilometers on April 28, 2017. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, it’s the first volcano eruption in the current calendar year.

The last eruption took place in July 2016. The eruption of Nishinoshima in Japan is picking up speed. A week ago the volano started erupting for the first time after more than 1 year of calm. Now, there are newly 3 active vents, the main crater has strombolian eruptions and two new vents are erupting a flows of lava towards the South and West. The western flow has entered the ocean. It will be interesting how long time this eruption lasts, and how much new Surface it will add to the Island of Nishinoshima. FULL REPORT