As warships move off the coast of North Korea and cruise missile stay pointed at Syria, you might be forgiven for the odd macabre thought over the past week. And it seems you are not alone, as Google data reveals people have been obsessed with the idea of worldwide conflict in recent days. Searches for ‘World War 3’ hit their highest level since records started in 2004 this month, according to data brought to light by Infowars.

Searches for ‘war’ and ‘nuclear war’ are also at their highest level since the start of the year. Google users have also been looking for information on ‘Trump war’ and ‘Syria war’ in record-breaking numbers. The spikes came following Trump’s shock decision to launch cruise missiles against a Syrian regime airbase last week where Russian troops were stationed. Russia and Iran have since responded by saying the strike crossed a ‘red line’ adding that if there are any further attacks ‘we will respond with force’. READ MORE